Don’t go to Palestine! 

Source: Don’t go to Palestine! 

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Wisconsin Woes

We have no communication with the Governor or Legislature. Our Wisconsin Constitution has provisions and procedures for communication, petition, referendum, court procedures and more. We need a ombudsman [person] so we can resovle issues and develop needed policy.

This Campaign is a beginning and needs your input and activism. You may contact me directly at Thanks, Bruce

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What are the values and principles of our United States of America

The “founders” owned slaves, only allowed land owners to vote, women could not vote.

It has taken a spell to provide some equality, freedom of speech and assembly although still disputed. It seems we need to determine and practice equality, liberty for all, justice for all, life [including health care] for all, pursuit of happiness [liberty to work, create, live life].

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Ballot Initiative

Ballot Initiative is the peoples voice. All Nations, States, Communities must establish Ballot Initiative. The people can submit Initiatives, request them to be passed by Referendum, Initiate plans, future and present the government should consider. Establish Ballot Initiative in your community.

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Are we Broke?

No the USA is not broke. We do not have to sell our National Parks. We do not have to privatize, we do not have to discontinue Social Security nor Medical Assistance.

The US has been following a finance method begun by Ayn Rand and adopted by the United States. Her concept was to always be in debt using the money to stimulate growth.

The previous administration went deeply in debt, funding wars without additional tax revenue. The previous administration actually reduced revenue, cutting rates for the wealthy.

At this time, President Obama is again going into debt, to bring us out of this recession.  It is a slow process but progress is being made. Our stock market has recovered, additional jobs developed. As the economy strengthens more jobs will be required to do the work.

The republicans are using fear to persuade citizens we  must  end programs such as social security. This would certainly end the recovery, as SS provides elders money they spend every month and purchase from many stores. I believe this is all that is holding our US together at this time. Store’s must have this revenue or close their doors.

Many past actions need to be addressed. The “derivative” market was used like a casino with banks and investment firms. Previous safeguards were discontinued, allowing these institutions go unregulated. We need regulation for our corporations just like we have regulations for traffic.

Certainly we can reduce expenditures. There is waste and unnecessary programs. Agency’s have been formed to investigate this bloat and shut down offenders.

Our pentagon, the military/industrial complex has gone far beyond President Eisenhower’s warnings. Fear allowed these programs to mushroom. It is time to cut from them unnecessary wasteful funds. Indeed, with past privatizing of our military we  are doing the same job twice or three times with our military, duplicated by numerous private firms.

Congress must review these programs, discontinue those no longer useful.

We must demand Congress and the President take thoughtful actions which will strengthen our nation and we people. Many useful programs have been ignored as congress seems afraid to act. The fear of filibuster has been used to accomplish this.

We must demand Congress and our President act, and act now.

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